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Canyonlands National Park Challenge Coin

Commemorate your visit to Canyonlands National Park with this die-struck Challenge Coin designed in the United States. Give this coin as a gift, to capture a trip or to just hold as a lasting reminder of your experience in America’s great outdoors, this National Park Challenge coin will be a timeless keepsake and long-lasting heirloom. This coin is part of the Walkabout Collection's National Park Series.


Where do I even start? First of all, the park is divided into three separate and distinct districts - the Island in the Sky, the Needles, the Maze. In each district, you will feel as if you are visiting an entirely different park. One might send you on an epic 100-mile 4x4 adventure along the White Rim Trail. Another might afford you the chance to see unique geo features like the Druid Arch, while the other might test your land navigation skills in one of the most confusing landscapes in the country. Can you guess which district that might be? I cannot hype this park up enough. And if you've been there, surely you will want to commemorate the landscape with this legendary coin.

This particular coin highlights, in 3D, the monumental rock formations left behind from thousands of years of carving waters. On the flip side, you'll immediate recognize the massive landscape from Mesa Arch at sunrise. 

This challenge coin is made with plate gold before applying an antique finish that gives the coin a unique, aged appearance, which greatly enhances the contrast of the design. One side of the coin is filled with the various colors by hand—making each coin a personal work of art. Commemorate your cherished memories of your special time at Canyonlands National Park with this heirloom challenge coin.

  • 1.75" Diameter
  • 3.5mm Thickness
  • Colors are inserted by hand, one at a time, using different sized syringes.
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • 100% Quality Guaranteed

**Free Shipping** You can expect your Coin in the fastest time possible without cutting corners on quality. On average, "in stock" coins will take 1-2 days for delivery and 2 weeks for back ordered coins for delivery to your location. 

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